Designing a user experience applying LEAN UX to the Design Thinking methodology, Corona Diaries Case Study.

  • Research the problem
  • Establish a hypothesis
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Design a potential solution
  • Test & refine

Research the problem

Topic Map
Affinity map

Establish a hypothesis

  • People do not like to share their personal life because they don’t want to expose themselves to the lack of privacy and bad use of data.
  • When it’s time to share personal data, the user prefers to avoid specific locations but is willing to share demographic information.
  • Having a voice recording as the only format for sharing stories makes some users feel uncomfortable. Clearly, this is not an inclusive website.

Brainstorm ideas

Flow Diagram of the logic for the site
Human-centered Goals
  • With the collected data, find valuable insights to create new businesses.
  • To create a valuable database for journalism purposes.
  • The flow of the website is not clear so it is not prompting the user to complete the journey.
  • Collect data from the user to build a database with COVID stories via voice recording.
  • Not all users feel comfortable using voice recording as the only format for sharing their stories. 40% of the people I interviewed do not feel comfortable using this format.
  • Share their COVID story.
  • Listen to the stories.
  • Share their COVID story: 70% of the people I interviewed are concerned about their privacy and personal information.
  • Listen to the stories: 90% of the people I interviewed want to hear specific content
  • Share their COVID story: Give the user the option to share what they are willing to share.
  • Listen to the stories: Give the user the option to hear random stories or to find specific content.

Design a potential solution

Feedback on the wireframe, the image on the right was the first wireframe, the image on the left is the revised version.
Feedback on the FAQ position

Test and Refine




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